Palm Tree Maintenance

Palm Tree Maintenance and Arborist Services

Active Tree Fellas provide professional palm tree maintenance services in the Fraser Coast and surrounding areas. Our professional team are skilled and knowledgeable when it comes to maintaining the health of palm trees and with over 23 years  of experience, Active Tree Fellas have built a reputation for being professional, reliable and affordable.

Maintaining palm trees is a skill that requires specialist tools and equipment, they also need to know how to trim and remove any required fronds and fruit/nuts without harming the overall health of the palm. Different species of palm trees have different requirements and the team at Active Tree Fellas have a thorough knowledge of each individual type of palm tree. For more information regarding our palm tree maintenance services, please contact us today on 07 4125 7611.

Palm Tree Maintenance:

Our skilled team of professional arborists have all the tools and equipment required to trim and maintain your palm trees; we will remove any dying fronds to ensure they don’t fall causing a safety issue, and we’ll also remove any unwanted fruit, seeds or nuts so that the tree isn’t targeted by fruit bats or other wildlife.

The trimming service will also maintain the appearance of the palm and ensure that it grows in the desired shape. Once we are done we will take any fronds and debris with us when we leave your property.

Palm Tree Removal:

We provide palm tree removal services; palm trees are notoriously hardy and when you cut them down you need to ensure that the entire root system is removed or they will likely keep growing back. Our team are experienced in removing palms and we will completely excavate the root system without causing excessive structural damage to the surrounding environment and we will also fill the hole that is left behind. After the tree is removed you will have the option of running the tree through our wood chipper and turning it into mulch or we can completely dispose of the entire tree if you don’t require the mulch.


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