Block Clearing & Excavation

Block Clearing Services: Remove Trees and Vegetation

Active Tree Fellas provide a block clearing service that involves removing all trees and vegetation from blocks of land in the Fraser Coast and surrounding areas. All of our team are fully trained professionals, we also have access to a wide range of tools and equipment to make it easy for us to clear your block.

All the tree and vegetation debris will be run through our wood chipper to create mulch which you will have the option of keeping on-site for later use, otherwise we can dispose of it. Please contact us today for more information regarding our land clearing services.

Tree and Stump Excavation Services:

Tree excavation is a process that involves removing the tree as whole – stump, roots and all. Unless you plan to have the tree transplanted somewhere else, then we will normally cut the tree down into more manageable chunks prior to performing the excavation. The excavation will remove the entire stump including the roots system, leaving a large hole behind which we will then fill in for you if required.

Removing a tree via excavation ensures that it will not grow back again, and is required if you are planning on building something on the land. It is also required for certain species such as bamboo, where cutting the tree down is not enough to stop it from re-growing – the whole thing must be removed or it will continue to grow back.

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