Arborist Reports

Comprehensive Arborist Tree Reports

Active Tree Fellas provide comprehensive arborist reports for all trees that detail the health of your tree as well as any safety risks that the tree may pose such as large hanging or broken branches. Our team of professionals can view your tree from every angle when compiling the report to ensure that we don’t miss anything; we will also include detailed images of the tree from angles that can’t be seen from the ground to give you a clearer idea of the full size and scope of your plant.

Our arborist reports are ideal for schools and other areas where safety is a concern due to falling tree branches. But they are also great for anyone with any exisiting property or have purchased a new property and is  curious about its age, health and height.

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Arborist Reports for Tree Health:

Active Tree Fellas’ arborists reports provide you with a detailed health check for any  trees on your property. In addition to telling you how tall your tree is an and an age estimation, we will also provide images of any sections of the tree that aren’t easily visible from the ground and provide you with insight into the health of the tree. Often, it is difficult to tell if a tree is healthy just from viewing it from the ground – the trunk of the tree might still be healthy while the branches are all brittle and dying. Our reports will provide you with all of the information that you require to ensure the health of the tree is maintained

Arborist Reports for Tree Safety:

Even though trees can be a beautiful addition to any property they can also pose a safety hazard if they are not maintained correctly. Our arborist reports will provide you a clear picture of any safety risks your tree/s might pose – this is especially important if your tree is located in a high traffic area such as a school due to the possibility of large falling branches.

A detailed arborist report can also assist you in deciding whether or not to excavate and/or transplant the tree to another location as we’ll be able to tell you if there is a significant enough risk to justify the removal or relocation of the tree.

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